Paulina has been an artist ever since she can remember. Her earliest memories are of herself reaching into her little wooden storage stool to pick out crayons to draw and color with. In elementary school, she eagerly looked forward to every art class, always her favorite day of the week. By the time she entered high school, Paulina made sure to enrol in every art class possible. Her passion took form. She experimented with drawing, printmaking and sculpture, but it was painting which captured her imagination most. After high school, not surprisingly, she decided to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and drawing.

Life’s journey guided Paulina into the field of education. She went on to receive a Bachelor of Education degree and a Master of Education degree from University of Calgary. Twenty years and counting, she continues to enjoy a full career as an artist, an elementary school teacher, a university instructor and owner of Artinka Studio and Art School in beautiful Invermere, British Columbia.

Paulina’s paintings are colorful, vibrant, full of life and texture. She prefers to work with acrylic paints, and continues to break the rules of her formal training (except for her obsession with value), in order to tell visual stories about the world she inhabits. Her work is largely inspired by the world around her, specifically her desire to protect natural spaces and habitats.

When not teaching or painting, Paulina can be found walking or hiking in the mountains, taking lots of pictures, and collecting ideas for future paintings.